Buzz Rack Buzzybee 2

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Buzz Rack Buzzybee 2

The BuzzyBee 2 is a very simple and easy product to use to carry 2 bikes on a tow ball. The light frame will securely transport 2 bikes for a very affordable price. Available in 4 bike version, here is a description of the 2 bike.

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The patented conic system fits onto all ISO 50mm diameter tow balls. Easy to use and secure. The system can be locked using the locking knob. The special Buzz wrench is included for the installation of the product on the tow ball. BUZZYBEE-2-STUDIO-200x150-07.


The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even very small children’s bikes. The straps allow a secure attachment of the wheels and the pads protect the rims. The straps are long enough to hold the biggest rims. BUZZYBEE-2-STUDIO-200x150-06.


The attachment pads offer the maximal protection of the bike frame. The straps and protective pads ensure a firm and secure fit of the bike on the platform. An additional safety strap is supplied to secure all the bikes together. BUZZYBEE-2-STUDIO-200x150-01 LIGHTS BuzzyBee is supplied with standard 3 function lights and a 7 pin plug. BUZZYBEE-2-STUDIO-200x150-04.


The light plate can be easily removed to allow easier storage.