NAME Paul Nolan.
OCCUPATION Owner / Manager Kenny for bikes.
Cyclist, bike mechanic, Cycling Ireland Coach.
They asked me to write a blog for the website - I don't know much about blogs, but I do know about cycling as I have been cycling for a long time!
My first memory of cycling was when I was about three years old - that's 44 years ago!!! It was an old trike with solid wheels - 20" in size, all metal with rod brakes that you would see on a high nelly. It had been painted green and would be a collectible now, although it was a bit battered at the time.
My training ground was the Hollow - the area outside our shop, as we lived over the shop.
I always remember the day my big brother's friend, who would have been 16 at the time, decided to have a go on the trike - until it finally collapsed under his weight. I can picture him standing on the trike with the two back wheels collapsed. My trike was finished and I was in tears!!!
I was without wheels for a long time after that as my trike had been a 'hand me down' and was not going to be replaced by a new one in those days, nor, unfortunately was it repairable.

After a year or so I was able to ride a small 16 " bike and when I spotted one that hadn't been collected in the shop after being repaired, it soon became mine and kept me going for the Summer ....................... until the inevitable happened and its owner finally collected it, leaving me without a bike again. At least I had experienced a Summer on wheels!!!!