Berg Buzzy Racing

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Berg Buzzy Racing

The cool Buzzy family will become even bigger with the BERG Buzzy Racing! What
is nicer than playfully learning to pedal forwards and backwards while making a splash
among your friends. The four wheels will keep you stable and thanks to the EVA tyres you
will never end up on the side of the road with a flat tyre! The direct drive system helps you
pedal with little effort, even the youngest will master this very quickly and pedal easily!
Pedaling backwards is also possible, which makes the Go kart really maneuverable.
The seat and steering wheel are easy to adjust, guaranteeing years of playing fun.

Features BERG Buzzy Racing:
- Silent whisper tyres [ EVA ].
- The 4 wheels keeps you firmly grounded.

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Silent whisper tyres [ EVA ], adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat