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The best tractor for children from the age of 2: the Buzzy John Deere! All the functionality and unique features of a BERG Buzzy in a cool and unique John Deere design. The robust steering wheel complete with spinner knob, the large bonnet with cool grill and, of course, the wide tractor tyres make this a real John Deere. This Buzzy is perfect for little ones aged 2 to 5 due to the adjustable seat and saddle! Your child will maintain control due to the independent steering while pedalling and braking. This Buzzy John Deere will certainly give you the most fun and you can easily ride alongside the John Deere of your daddy!

• Every child learns to pedal super easily due to the direct transmission and unique ergonomics.

• Always control over the steering wheel and the pedals because they can be operated independently.

• Silent EVA whisper tyres that will never go flat.

• The 4 wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.

• Super light pedalling due to ball bearings and unique ergonomics.

• Grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle.

• Can be driven forwards and backwards.

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Additional Information Each large BERG Skelter is equipped with a BFR or BFR-3 system. But what is this actually and what is the difference between these two systems? We'll explain it to you. The abbreviation BFR stands for: Brake (Brake), Freewheel and Reverse (Reverse). The BERG Skelters with a BFR or BFR-3 system have the following advantages: Each skelter has a freewheel allowing you to hold the pedals in their place while the wheels turn. There is also a tetractor brake on every skelter. Each skelter can be reversed afterwards. The skelters with the BFR-3 system have an additional function. three gears, making pulling up or riding a hill easy!