2018 Met Manta

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2018 Met Manta

The most aerodynamic road helmet

We developed the MET Manta specifically with aerodynamic performance in mind. It’s quite simply one of the most competitive sprinters’ helmets in the game, saving you 10 watts at 50km/h.
With a NACA crown duct and optimally positioned vents throughout, the MET Manta will keep heads cool, without increasing drag.
The Manta is the lightest helmet of its type, tipping the scales at just 200g.


Safe-T Advanced, MET’s micrometrical fit system, provides the best weight and comfort ratio.

The contact points have a larger cradle surface increasing comfort and are also designed to keep weight low and allow perspiration at the back of the head.

The polyurethane soft padding improves the fitting affording a comfy head touch.


Helps to keep your head cooler when pushing the limits. The gel pad does not absorb perspiration and offers a much longer life span than traditional foam pads.


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Size  S, M, L

Outer Shell Construction  In-Mould

Inner Shell  Shock Absorbing Polystyrene

Chin Strap Buckle  Anti-Piinch Buckle

Straps And Divider  Air Lite Straps, Anti-Slip Cam Divider

Fit System  Safe-T Advanced

Comfort  Coolmax Anti-Allergenic Interior Pads, Hand Washable. Gel Front Pad Included As An Option

Be Seen  Reflective Rear Sticker

Accessories  Soft Bag

Compatibility  MET USB LED Light

Certification  CE, AS/NZ, US


Small  200g

Medium  200g

Large  230g

Size Chart

Small  52/56cm

Medium  54/58cm

Large  59/62cm